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Do you ever wonder if you should’ve gone to that shindig instead of staying at home?

How about the concert you weren’t able to go to with your friends?

How about the guy you dated for a few years who finally did something with his life?

FOMO is real.

Perhaps it’s not quite as relevant in the unprecedented Zoom-age where most are cooped in their homes, but it’s definitely real.

A 2016 Time article titled “This Is The Best Way to Overcome Fear of Missing Out” by Eric Barker explains that much of our self-induced FOMO comes from checking Instagram…

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When I was in my early twenties, I decided to pursue my dream of singing and songwriting. I wanted to write and perform songs that would inspire and bring light to dark places.

It was a frightening and exciting time for a young girl at the prime of her life. As I pursued this dream, more and more opportunities opened up.

I auditioned in front of industry executives, producers, and directors.

I auditioned for several talent agencies and singing competitions.

I auditioned and hired on a talent manager who asked me to relocate to Atlanta.

And things were looking really…

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We had been over 700 miles away from one another for 270 days. That equates to about 6,480 hours, but who’s counting?

So yeah, I was excited to see him.

After I had moved from Georgia back to Chicagoland, my belongings still in boxes at my parent’s home, we decided to go on our first date together to the great Windy City.

I assume it was cold that day in December 2015, but I don’t recall it being very cold because my delightful boyfriend decided we’d be driving around the city that day.

Because he had to run errands.


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In college, I bought a new pair of 1 ½ inch heels in preparation for the cute Sunday outfits I was going to wear when singing on the church worship team.

I was confident in my voice and was glad to have a platform for people to be able to hear me sing and share my wonderful gift with the world.

One Friday night, I decided to break the heels in by performing at a local talent show that was being held at the mall. …

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Growing up in the Korean-American church, the demographic was mainly divided into two generations and languages. One part of the church was first-generation Korean adults who had emigrated from South Korea to give their children more opportunity; they had their service upstairs in the large sanctuary in the Korean language while the children and youth had our service in the smaller room downstairs.

Our youth group was the beginning of the “English ministry” because we preferred speaking and hearing sermons in English.

Despite the generational and language differences (and inevitable culture clashes), twice a year, we would have joint services…

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For Christians, Easter Sunday is a huge celebration. Ministry teams spend months planning the Good Friday and subsequent Easter services, trying to come up with a thought-provoking theme that’ll carry over the meaning of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

After several Good Friday services, teams rest in the waiting period on Saturday and gather to celebrate the joy that comes on Easter Sunday. Churches bring out the best testimonies, the loudest singing, and the most energy to clap and shout alongside the confetti cannons to cheer that “CHRIST IS RISEN!”

What about the Sundays where someone got let go from…

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Modern America is a pluralistic marketplace of ideas, pervaded by an individualism that — with the current condition of political correctness and tolerance — becomes a selfishness, the life in pursuit of serving and worshiping oneself.

Ironically, since the majority of Americans have the desire to seek individual gain, the “right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is a journey where those who have not found true Satisfaction eventually find themselves in want.

Partisan Politics in the Church

Individualism can be liberating to a certain extent, but when everyone wants what one wants, there is bound to be conflicting and unfulfilled desires.


Tabitha Grace

Teacher | Singer | Learner | Thinker — writing about being in the world but not of it.

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